Hayley Hill
Brooklyn, NY


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Telling stories for brands, publications, and people.


Hayley Hill

Travel was always my grounds for creative influence. I toured Italy as a teenager in my school choir, singing in old cathedrals along the countryside. The exposure to different cultures led me to study drama at the University of Oxford and then dance at the University of San Francisco. I harnessed my love of documenting and visual storytelling into a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at California State University of Northridge.

Having grown up in Southern California with two older brothers; a professional skateboarder and filmmaker, I found inspiration through the parallels of their worlds and mine. I saw the balletic grace and style in skateboarding and surfing and became infatuated with melding the beauty of bodily expression and freedom through photography. I like to incorporate nostalgia and curiosity for the uncharted in my work.  

With a performative background, I trained in acting and was featured in the Netflix comedy series, Comedy Bang! Bang! I moved to New York in 2015 for a gig with Seventeen Magazine and have since worked for Obsessee, Inside Edition and Brooklinen. I also co-wrote and produced the webseries, “Cash Only.”